A Prompt for the New Year

Prompts encourage creative possibilitiesPrompts are tools that encourage creative thinking. From a simple, single word up to a paragraph or so in length, prompts are not difficult to understand, or at all complicated.

That’s done on purpose. You want your creative self to receive just enough of a nudge that you start to think about things and in ways that you wouldn’t have had without the prompt, and that allows your subconscious to make connections and think in metaphorical ways.

Or, the prompt is the actual topic you write about. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re writing.

I write with prompts, and encourage you to do the same. Prompts help me write entire chapters and sections of my young adult novel. Prompts help me write marketing communications that are above ordinary in content and tone.

And here’s a little secret I’m sharing with you—it doesn’t really matter what the prompt is. Just about any prompt will encourage you to write a magnificent piece.

I promise you this is true, and I know you will discover on your own how well prompts draw out of you long, lost memories, new insights, and novel ways of telling a story. A story you would not have written had it not been for a simple prompt.

It’s January 1st. Grab a cup of tea. Select a journal to write in. Pull out your laptop. It’s now time to write.

And in the writing, would you like to produce some good copy for use in your business marketing communications? You need a prompt that offers all sorts of possibilities. Here it is:

If a colleague of yours were to ask you what excites you the most about what you and your business offer the world, what would you say? It could be a physical thing. It could be a service.It could be your big Why.

You can write to the prompt in a literal way, a metaphorical way, or just allow the prompt to wash over you while you pick up your pen, or tap your keyboard, and write what needs to be written.

Please feel free to share with me what you wrote and how the prompt helped you accomplish something important.