Biz Strategy Workshop Groups & One to One Intensives

Would you like to know who your ideal client is?Strategy workshop

And talk to them in a way that resonates with their beliefs?

Freedom is knowing exactly who your perfect clients are and knowing what sort of content to write for them. You would demonstrate your expertise, what you’re good at. You could answer your clients’ questions and know that you have her back. You would find peace around the writing process and writing content would become a breeze.

But right now you’re blocked from writing, not certain who your ideal client is, how to develop content and a strategy for delivering it because you’re afraid to write. Overwhelmed. You have so many diverse clients that you don’t know who to speak to first with your written content, or how to find relevant topics.

And you feel incompetent because instead of pouring out your gifts in written form, you’re hoarding them.

You think writing is super hard, or just hard enough that it’s easy to put it at the bottom of your to-do list. And it’s almost always frustrating.

You’ve probably already tried making commitments where you just sit yourself at your desk, in front of your computer, or with a journal and pen, and write. Every day. Just write.

That didn’t work.

Then you thought about hiring someone. They would sit down with you and you’d discuss what topics needed to be written and everyone would be happy.

But the cost of a content writer was too prohibitive.

You decided to just do nothing. Because that seemed the easiest thing to do until you can figure out how to move forward.

I know how hopelessly frustrating it is to coordinate and keep up with your business writing. I spent too many years blogging for my sign business with very little forethought into what I would write each week. Talk about stressful! I never seemed able to get my act together to prepare an editorial calendar, or even just a simple spreadsheet that would have topics on it that I could refer to. And re-purposing content was unheard of.

Let’s just say I was totally clueless.

That’s why I created the Biz Strategy Workshop for entrepreneurs. I saw my own frustration around content, and figured there were others just like me. And I was right.

If I could come up with a program that helped others, I figured it would help me write content more often, too. And that’s how the Biz Strategy Workshop was born.

What exactly is a Biz Strategy Workshop?

Three hours, three people in the workshop, and up to three topics related to business, promotional and content writing—elevator pitches, blog posts, articles, books, business bio, About Me Page, web pages, courses, emails. You can choose to learn who your desired audience is, craft a persona, pick blog topics, re-purpose existing content and write during a mini-Story Lab session within the workshop.

Biz Strategy Workshop is an overview workshop designed to give you a jump on and is designed to be done in-person, if you’re local to me, or online from the comfort of your home.

You should expect to write and review your writing and answers to a variety of exercises, all designed to clarify your audience, and the content that will draw that audience to you and your offerings.

Before the workshop, I send you a questionnaire to determine the subjects we will work on together. Come with a willingness to write and learn processes that make it easier for you to write honestly and in a way that attracts your ideal client.

The workshop is ideal for solo entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and consultants.

Sign up for a workshop if you are:

  • Open to the writing process and willing to write during the workshop
  • Willing to look at your offerings and who you serve so you can serve them better
  • Willing to adjust how you approach business and marketing communications writing

Select up to three topics for your session

First, you define your perfect client—the client you most want to work with, and then select three from the following:

  • Write your ideal client’s persona
  • Write your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Write your elevator pitch
  • Determine article and blogging topics
  • Write a short article or post
  • Develop an editorial calendar
  • Write your bio—long and short
  • Plan and write your signature story
  • Determine your book topic and who the reader is
  • Plan the outline for your book

What again do you get from your Biz Strategy Workshop?

Your three hours are jam packed with content, but the workshop itself is low key and calming. There’s no drama, no hype, just plain talk. The writing you do during the workshop provides many of the answers to the questions you come in with. What you take away from the workshop is a road map that takes you from not knowing to knowing how to write for your clients.

My promise to you

Is that you will leave with greater clarity regarding your clients, what you should be writing, topics to write about, how to maintain a writing practice, and what sort of content is suitable for you to write about.

Still not certain? Have some questions? Schedule a FREE 15-minute session and we’ll get all of your questions answered.

Love the idea of a workshop, but don’t want to share your three hours with three other people? I also offer one to one intensives. Same basic concept, but it’s just you, working on your writing, content, or book writing issues. Intensive are up to four hours in length. Contact me for more information and to discuss how we can work together.

Eager to start? Get in touch!