Sometimes, writing is hard. Often times it is, and like other creative pursuits, it’s a quiet process that turns into a Flow experience. It’s like the times when writing flows out of you like a river running downstream. Without having to think, the words arrive, you love them, and they […]

Writing in Flow

meaning connection
You can talk about how important it is to write content and copy, easy-to-read web pages, and even books, and some of us do that. But what does all of this stuff around storytelling and marketing communications and story branding have to do with that? Meaning and connection. Ultimately, this […]

Stories are the Easy Way to Meaning and Connection   Recently updated !

Platform, as we’ve determined, is your audience–the people who are aware what you stand for in terms of the topic, thoughts, or ideas you publish, teach, consult or coach on. You can reach your ideal readers easily when you have a platform, and having a platform makes it so much […]

One Easy Way to Build Your Author Platform   Recently updated !

don't write content
Of the many reasons my clients tell me that they don’t write content, the two most common reasons are: They can’t imagine adding the task of writing to their daily to-do list much less be able to sustain the practice. But even more elemental than that is: They don’t understand […]

Two Reasons Why People Don’t Write Content   Recently updated !

list article
Writing great content is hard. Or at least it’s often perceived to be. But I would bet you can write a simple list. Writing a list article allows you to become familiar and comfortable with writing by making the writing process simple. It helps you demonstrate your expertise, but doesn’t […]

Write a list article to get your content written with ...

I believe in the power of words to change the universe and I do believe that everyone can write. Everyone. My work isn’t about accumulating a long list of clients for the sake of my business, but nurturing those clients I can best serve and who appreciate and know that […]

My mini-manifesto on what I offer as a book and ...

It’s a popular activity—writing a book when you’re a business owner or entrepreneur. What the title of author provides you is an extraordinary opportunity to show your credibility and authority on the topic you want to be known for. It’s right there in your book—your philosophy, knowledge, experience, and guiding […]

How to Find Time to Write Your Book

Finding a unique book topic Topic, topic, topic. You want to write a book, but struggle on what to write about. You go to the bookstore, and while looking at the business books you see one that’s on a subject you know quite a bit about? And think to yourself, […]

One Way to Select the Topic of Your Book

For many entrepreneurs, the thought of authorship makes them excited. And for good reason. The title of author carries weight in the business world, opens doors to unique and valuable opportunities, and encourages people to listen to what you have to say with a bit more interest. But the thought […]

5 Ways to Get Excited About Writing Your Book

When writing a constant stream of blog posts and other content gets you down, ask yourself if your systems are working. What, you don’t have a system? That could be the reason why the daily grind of writing is the problem. Why you lack topics to write about? A system […]

Systems help your creativity

Mrs. Kingsbury, who taught 4th grade English, was a great teacher. Patient, and kind, she wanted her students to understand homonyms. She listed commonly used homonyms on a bulletin board as a visual reference guide for the class. Looking at that board for a full school year helped us remember […]

Homonyms and Mrs. Kingsbury

Mining stories from your life is one of the best ways to find fodder for your content. Rich, conflict-ridden stories are often the best. In a writing exercise I do in my Biz Strategy Workshops, the participants get a chance to write to a prompt. They mine their memory banks […]

Tell stories that include conflict

Poetry Loosens You Up
Because poetry is so spare in terms of the number of words used, it makes you use language in ways you may have never used them before. It shifts your expectations about how words and language can be used. Specific nouns and glorious verbs punctuated by the occasional adjective and […]

Poetry loosens you up

start with your story
When people ask me how they can market their business to success, I tell them to tell a story Market your business and arouse emotion Why? Stories arouse emotion, grab your attention. And they move you to action. Combined they are all very useful activities when you are trying to […]

Market your business. Start with your story.

Editing, and conforming to the rules of grammar, is the greatest gift you can give your writing. Knowing that you need grammatical help is okay. If you can edit your writing, you know at least some grammar, and the willingness to look up what you don’t know only makes your […]

Grammatical Help Made Easy

Edit your writing
Edit your writing. You know this is a universal truth. But actually, you want to say: Edit Shmedit. Am I right? In the fast-paced world of social media where messages are written on the fly, and creating posts is sandwiched in between designing Canva layouts and scheduling client appointments, and […]

Edit Your Writing! Please!

Client benefits
Today, we’re looking at the benefits you and your business offer your clients. But first, let’s take a close look at your answers to the question from the Step 1 blog post: Of your most favorite clients, what are the top three things that make you delighted to work with […]

How to get more clients Step 2: Define your benefits

get clients
Let’s do a writing exercise called “let’s get more clients.” It’ll be fun, and I hope, informative. Take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. I want you to have some mental space to read the question and then answer it honestly because your answer is going to serve you […]

How to get more clients Step 1: Identify what makes ...

strategy session
My client the other day told me a deep, dark secret. It was in part why she signed up for a Spotlight on Writing Session . She specifically wanted to talk about blogging. Her secret? She was afraid to write. She could write, but only if she pushed herself, and […]

A Case for a Spotlight on Writing Session   Recently updated !

signature story
Think again about your signature story and how you can use it to demonstrate your skills and expertise. How you make them a part of your business. From a practical standpoint, don’t you want to be immersing yourself daily in the one or two things that you absolutely love to […]

Signature Story: Round Two, Equestrian Edition

Who are you? I mean, WHO are you? What do you do that you love and have incorporated it into what you offer as an entrepreneur? Perhaps it’s part of your signature story. A few months ago, I was prepping for a local speaking gig. I was asked to make […]

What you love informs what you do–your signature story

Why I love writing prompts Hey, there, I know that writing can be an onerous activity, which is why some smart person at some point in history, invented writing prompts. Prompts help stop writers block, and help you start down the writing path. I’m sharing a bit of myself in […]

Writing Prompts are So Useful!

Recently, a colleague and I talked about writing content. She understands the value of adding new blog posts, fresh content, on her website, but, but, but . . . she hesitated and then she said: “I’d love to learn more about how to plan blog content out – I’ll be […]

6 Ways to Easily Find Content Topics

Developing a Writing Practice Writing practice . . . Some entrepreneurs come to this activity with zeal and happiness. Others among us would rather not have to write at all, but the truth is that the online world of business contains a lot of language wrangling—website pages, marketing pieces, blog […]

How to Create a Beautiful, Useful Business Writing Practice

Who hasn’t made or received promises? Promises made and kept. Promises made and broken. Promises ignored while others were cherished. Promises intact and others long forgotten. It’s easy to offer a promise, but often difficult to keep them. The topic of promises is a big, big topic. You have tons […]

Writing Prompt: Promises. Promises.

When my clients ask me how they should describe what they do through content writing (blog posts and web pages, for instance) I tell them to tell a business story. Stories arouse people’s emotions (and there’s plenty of scientific data that shows what chemicals our brains produce in response to […]

Share Your Business Story

Why would you want to learn how to write dialogue when you’re a business owner who writes to be seen online? I mean, you’re not an actual fiction writer, are you? For the same reason fiction writers should study poetry and essayists should study short story. When you delve into […]

Dialogue writing tips for the business (and fiction) writer

Writing prompts help us deliver the goods, our genius, our innate talents, don’t they? They stop the monkey mind chatter and with a loving but firmly guiding hand, they help us knuckle down, apply pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and push out some of the loveliest writing you’ll ever […]

A prompt to showcase your writing genius, 4.21.16

Prepositions and prepositional phrases. Have you ever noticed how wonderful they are? They provide us a sense of our characters’ position and place relative to the rest of the world. They allow us to go with them around the bend in the road, over the fence, and beyond the shabby […]

Prepositional Phrases and Your Writing

This has been a difficult week in which to work, write content, and just be. My sister, Barbara Jean, succumbed to a horrible disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia, a genetic condition. She had been ill for a very long time, losing her ability to walk, to use her arms to paint […]

How to Write Content When Life Becomes Difficult

When people ask me how they can improve their marketing copy, I tell them to write stories that are remarkable, fascinating, and powerful. Start with your own story, I say, about how you helped your client, why you started your company, and when it became obvious that the services you […]

Write stories that are remarkable, fascinating, and powerful   Recently updated !

Prompts are tools that encourage creative thinking. From a simple, single word up to a paragraph or so in length, prompts are not difficult to understand, or at all complicated. That’s done on purpose. You want your creative self to receive just enough of a nudge that you start to […]

A Prompt for the New Year

Okay, maybe not breathing because I don’t know any authors who have done that successfully—holding their breath and being able to write. But let’s take a moment to consider a few things about the importance of writing because if you are reading this post, you hold writing in some regard. […]

Why writing your book is more important than breathing

sound symbology
I gave a talk yesterday to an enthusiastic group of women business owners for an organization called WBON. I engaged the group with a few exercises on language and word usage, including sound symbology. What a lively conversation. The topic? Strategies, 5 specifically, that make your marketing copy sing. It […]

Diphthongs, letter blends, sound symbology, and archetypal messages

I remember the Kodak Carousel. It was a big deal to have one and my family did not, but a friend whose parents owned one did. That meant that they also owned a camera to take the film that was converted to slides–photos that slid into the carousel tray–and a […]

What I love about Don Draper and the Kodak Carousel

Look for an old photo. One from decades ago, or one from a few years back. A photo old enough that you may look different from it now, or your life’s circumstances have changed and the you in the photo may not be the you of today. Now take out […]

Find a photo. Now write.

Detail 1
Writing can be, well, hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Stringing together not only coherent, but well-worded, well-crafted stories with understandable sentences, is a challenge. But a worthwhile challenge because clarity and readability in your writing is an essential need of your reader. You can’t very well sell your […]

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