Book Building

Book BuildingInspired! Your Big Book Dream Writing Program

What every aspiring author needs to know to go from no idea to fully written manuscript in six months.


You define and refine your topic, going from an idea in your head to words on paper in the form of a manuscript you can publish yourself, or pitch to an agent or publisher. At the end of six months, your manuscript written.

You bust through limiting beliefs, including “I can’t write,” or “There’s no way I can write a book” so you’re no longer the reason why you don’t get your manuscript written. Period.

You take advantage of books already written on a topic that has a fan base by writing yours on the same topic, but from a unique angle—your readers will love a new book on their favorite topic. Yours!


Once per week 90-minute calls via Zoom to go over progress, read and edit existing pages, and discuss issues and successes that have come up during writing

Unlimited emails during the six months

Milestones mapped out on a calendar

Weekly review and developmental editing by Paula

“Paula’s kind encouragement, practical schedule, and unique sense of humor always makes me feel capable, confident and inspired. She helped me not only clarify my vision and set realistic goals, she made me want to sit down and write. In fact, even when I was busy or tired, I kept my side of the bargain because I didn’t want to let either of us down! I don’t think I could have gotten out of my procrastination rut without her, and I look forward to seeing my first book in print.” — Leora Dowling,


  I’m ready to write a book!