How to get more clients Step 2: Define your benefits

Today, we’re looking at the benefits you and your business offer your clients.

But first, let’s take a close look at your answers to the question from the Step 1 blog post: Of your most favorite clients, what are the top three things that make you delighted to work with them?

Do you have anything to add because while your list of things was incubating, your subconscious mind was thinking about the exercise and may have some creative additions for the list. If so, add them now.

Alright, then. Your list may include something like the following:

I like the type of work they do and the industry they work in.

I like the way they treat me like a professional.

I like that they think my services are topnotch and say so.

I like that they’re fun and authentic.

I like the type of services my clients pay me for.

I like that they don’t hesitate to pay me my asking price.

Your list will be different, of course, but equally wonderful.

Client benefitsYou are going to write from this list of prompts. Yes, prompts. These literally prompt you to work with these clients, to serve and respond to their needs and desires.

Ahhhhh . . . . how you serve and respond to their needs and desires. Here we go now. This is the fulcrum point that makes a business with more and more clients you love possible.

Let’s dissect the answers from above a little more closely, and learn how you can not only continue to serve them, but attract new clients. Your responses to the prompt should answer the how. This is the value and benefit you provide your client.

Remember what a benefit is; it’s not the group coaching you offer, or the copy writing services you provide, or the .pdf downloadable courses you sell. Those are features.

Benefits are the transformation, the problem solved, or the desire met through using you and your business products or services. It’s what they get from them, and they look like this—the ability to design their own websites without help. The increase in traffic to their website from the keyword-rich copy they wrote. The ability to serve high-level clients from the skill sets acquired in a two-year Master’s degree program.

And now I’m going to make this a bit more challenging—your first three unique benefits you write? They are probably not going to be all that unique. They are the low hanging fruit.

Keep writing down benefits until you get to the ones that make you unique from your competition.

While you are working on the benefits, enjoy this lovely background music.

Check out the grid below for an example of how you can do this exercise:

Client Features & Benefits You Provide Them

I like the way they treat me like a professional, and that they love me because My custom designed assessments tell me when my clients are struggling or doing better even when they don’t know this.

I like that they think my services are topnotch and say so because I have researched what my competition does, and I provide three times the level of support than anyone else right from the start.
I like that they’re fun and authentic becauseHumor has been proven to be a good way for people to learn, and I bring it into our work together as often as possible.

I love that my client is always eager to hear about my new services becauseI make certain I communicate what they are in my weekly newsletter, demonstrate the benefits of each, and give my best clients the first opportunities to work with me when I offer a new service.
I love that they don’t hesitate to pay me my asking price becausePaying me well allows me to afford better and greater education, which shows up as deeper level consulting for my clients, which helps me get to the root cause of their issue, which allows me to reverse their problems uber-fast.

Use this list of benefits in your marketing copy. Rather than a list of nice features about you and your business, the benefits are a demonstration of how valuable you are as a service provider. These benefits always look good in your professional bio, About Me page, and sales pages.

What do these two exercises mean? What do having the benefits of your experience and services do for your clients? Attract more of them to you?

You have identified how you help them, and help them extremely well. They work with you because of all of the benefits you listed and more.

There’s a third part to this overall exercise, which will be outlined in Post 3. Until then, play with your benefits, add more if you can, and hold tight.

If you think one of your colleagues would benefit from this post, please don’t hesitate to share, and if you do this exercise, please add your comments below.