Edit Your Writing! Please!

Edit your writingEdit your writing. You know this is a universal truth.

But actually, you want to say: Edit Shmedit. Am I right?

In the fast-paced world of social media where messages are written on the fly, and creating posts is sandwiched in between designing Canva layouts and scheduling client appointments, and meeting with clients, who has the TIME to edit? I mean, isn’t it more important to get your message out than it is to hold it back until perfect?

Yes. And no.

I hear you. I’m in the trenches with you, too, balancing the many to-do’s on my calendar with the practicality of checking and correcting every typo, awkward sentence, lack of noun-verb agreement, and non-parallel sentence construction in my posts.

Phew! That’s a lot of things to handle!

But here’s the deal: people may love your services despite the typos, love you, and buy from you anyway. But what if I told you that internet companies who track their revenue can see a doubling of sales on pages where typos were corrected?

Listen, no one is perfect—typos and missing punctuation and other grammatical ills creep into everyone’s writing, and sometimes remain even after professional proofreading, but if you are running a business, offline or online, you want to come off as professional and knowledgeable. Don’t diminish your genius with copy that would flunk a grammar test.

Suggestion: write the bulk of your work well ahead of when you post it. Write the copy, and close your doc file for at least a few hours. Come back and read it through. Your eyes will pick up mistakes that it didn’t earlier—typos, missing words, punctuation mistakes, and more. Do this a couple of times before posting.

Also, and don’t rely on this 100% for a variety of reasons, use spellcheck. At least your eht typo will be changed to the.

Yes, done is better than perfect, but well done trumps the impulsive action of writing quickly and posting immediately. Take a minute to edit.

Besides, a smoothly edited document is a joy to read, and you want your audience to be moved by your ideas and genius, not stopped by misspellings.

Do you have questions about editing? Let me know!