One Way to Select the Topic of Your Book

topicFinding a unique book topic

Topic, topic, topic. You want to write a book, but struggle on what to write about.

You go to the bookstore, and while looking at the business books you see one that’s on a subject you know quite a bit about?

And think to yourself, “I could have written that book.”

It’s on a subject matter that you have built a business around, or may be something that you help your clients with.

Someone else jumped on the idea and got it published before you, but you still want to write a book. You know the value you would receive from people seeing your name on the cover.

A different angle

Don’t despair. Why? You can write that book from a different angle.

Let’s say the book was on branding your solo-entrepreneur business. That’s what you do, in fact. You serve the solo-entrepreneur community by helping them brand their companies.

What if you narrowed down your idea while considering the needs of your current client base? Personal Branding for the Woman-Owned Solo-entrepreneur. Or even more narrow: Branding for Women Business Coaches that Sets You Apart from Your Competition.

These are different angles on a central theme of branding.

Let Amazon be your guide

Then go home and hop onto Amazon. Use keywords to search for books on your particular expertise. Look at the angles they used for the subject. See if there are any books, how many, and how the books are different from your idea.

What angle were they written from? Is your topic angle fresh and new while also being relevant?

You want to do two things: find a unique topic angle for your book, one that hasn’t been written about by a hundred other authors, and select a topic that serves your desired audience.

Play with the angles until you uncover one that resonates strongly with you. And let us know how this exercise worked.

Did you come up with a new approach to an existing book idea, or maybe even a new topic altogether?