Story Lab


Biz Writing Story Lab

(Writing just got a whole lot easier.)

Biz Writing Story Lab is for entrepreneurs like you who want the time, space, and support to write.

As you think about the people you want to serve and how they would benefit most from your offerings, you write copy and content that draws from your lifetime of experiences and expertise.

Your training, education, years in the trenches called life, career, and business, your best times and worst times, all come into play. You never have to worry about selling your services to people who don't want them. People will find you based on your words and the stories you tell alone.

Your stories offer potential clients value, hope, pique their interest, calm their nerves, and excite them to work with you, learn, be transformed, and come out the other side a better person.

How lovely is that? And it all comes from your inner space, your daily existence, what has happened to you before, what you learned in college and on the job.

Writing is difficult right now. You're not sure what to say or how to say it.

You don’t know how to present yourself online, or showcase your work or services thru words. You are self-conscious about how your writing appears to others, and you have trouble being succinct about how you describe yourself.

You hesitate telling your stories because you think they’re not interesting or relevant to your audience, and what is really true is that your stories are very interesting to them. Your words are your currency for letting people know what you do and for showcasing your products and services.

You have probably tried writing your web pages, or not writing them at all, without success, and that leaves you frustrated. You want to hire a copywriter, but can’t afford it, and you feel you also need a content writer to develop your blog and newsletter, but you feel it’s all way beyond your means.

Or you’ve hired a copy writer, but your services have changed and your web pages need to be rewritten to reflect your new offerings. And you still don’t have a blog that you are regularly keeping up to date with content that reflects your expertise.

At this point, you feel like you’re flubbing your way through and wonder how you are ever going to be successful.

I found writing hard, too

I know how hopeless and frustrating it feels to try to write and just not be able to pick up the pen, or rev up your favorite word processing software on your computer, because I’ve been there, too.

I came to my business, Write Stories Now, from a deep-seated interest in helping women entrepreneurs tell their stories and know today that telling them is not difficult, it’s not just for elite writers, and that everyone can learn how to do it.

But it wasn’t always this way. I came to writing because I wanted to emulate my parents, a journalist Dad and a short story poetry writing Mom. I was in elementary school when I started writing, and of course they loved my work. They encouraged me to write more stories.

I went to school and learned differently. I was told to change my words, sentences, and language because I needed to comply with Standard English. This is the English that taught us not to end a sentence with a preposition. Don't splice your infinitive verbs. And don't start your sentences with And or But.

I needed to learn punctuation and the details of grammar, my teachers said, and that until I understood grammar’s importance, I wasn’t writing anything well or properly.

There were rules and restrictions I had to abide by in order to get good grades in English class. When I discovered that I was better than average in grammar, I began enjoying writing again. Soon, though, my English teachers’ red penned corrections and comments in the margins of my papers made me more cautious when I composed them.

Rules started to trump creativity. And what was once fun, became hard to do. I no longer wanted to share my work because it was ridiculed, corrected, changed, and not always for the better.​

What was easy, fun, and full of energy became exercises in pleasing the teacher. My work lacked the vibrancy it once had. My grades were dependent on my writing being grammatically correct instead of creative, even in my creative writing classes.

When I wrote, I critiqued my own work endlessly and then procrastination set in. I hadn't even realized the cause of it until I started taking a different approach to writing. That shift allowed me to study what works when it comes to writing and opening up your creative mind and allowing the words to flow. I now have a program that works for entrepreneurs like you.

It’s called Biz Writing Story Lab, and it’s designed for the word-wary, frustrated, and possibly fearful solo-entrepreneur. This 4-week, 2-hours per week program is meant to help you shift from not being able to show case your talents and genius through storytelling, or feeling self-conscious and hesitant to write something in fear that it will be “wrong,” or feeling like you have no interesting stories to tell, to feeling the weight and worry of writing lifted when you realize your writing ability is just fine the way it is.

What Biz Writing Story Lab includes:

  • Two hours online with a group of eager participants ready to write
  • Time to write creatively
    • Writing to a prompt followed by a collective session of positive feedback
    • Q&A after writing to answer questions about your piece or to discuss the Story Lab process

What you get from Biz Writing Story Lab is a return to storytelling from the heart. You leave the series with less to no worry around the writing process. The four weeks give you ample time to write rich content you can use as blog posts, as the seeds to possible services you can offer, and other written marketing materials. You are held accountable for writing through the feedback process, and that process also allows you to write more often and better.

Past attendees have loved the camaraderie of entrepreneurs like yourself who are creating in real time, sharing their work, and receiving acknowledgement of time well spent. You also receive reminders that your business services are needed in the world, and your written copy will attract more of who you want and can work with.

You can do this! The sessions fly by quickly because the process puts people in a state of flow—writing for 20 or more minutes seems like just a few minutes have passed, but in that span of time, you’ve probably written more than you normally do.

And the feedback you receive let’s you know that you’ve written something worthy.

How easy is it to participate in a Biz Writing Story Lab? Sooooo easy!

You show up online in our Zoom classroom. I facilitate the sessions and move everyone along in the storytelling and writing process, making certain the exercises and prompts help you get your stories written.

Because the focus is entirely on the writing process, you most likely will get more done in the two hour weekly sessions that you would on your own. Past Story Lab participants have written entire blog posts each of the four weeks as well as chapters of books and more.

Enroll today in Story Lab now and see your procrastination diminish and your written content increase.