Strategy Sessions & Intensives

Strategy Sessions & IntensivesAre you an entrepreneur who wants to write better? Tell your stories in a compelling way? With less hesitation and fear?

If so, you may benefit from a strategy session taken with your peers, team members, or employees, or schedule your own 1:1 intensive.

In either session, you’re learning how to tell stories because they’re calling you to do so, asking you to come and play, but some burr of doubt and resistance causes you to hesitate. Instead you leave your manuscripts, your blog posts, your newsletter articles, and web pages untouched and neglected.

What can you say about your company and what you offer, and how do you say it in a compelling way? By learning the process of storytelling.

Story is a compilation of records, actions, voices, pursuits, and the boldness and fascination of our daily lives told in a way that captivates the reader.

Business storytelling is a form of content creation. Perhaps the best form.

And story is all around us—from how the company mascot, your dog Fido, charmed your best client during their first visit to your site, to the relationship your company’s staff made with a valued customer, to your most momentous revelation about how the business world works and how you have incorporated that epiphany into your business philosophy.

You, too, can capture the details: the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your business in a way that’s masterful, complete, and interesting. You can tell your story to readers who learn from your writing, and perhaps use it to better themselves.

Storytelling for business draws readers to you with its emotional content, and where you learn to tell stories is in a group strategy session or a one to one intensive session.

Strategy Sessions and Intensives help you determine your approach to content, from blog posts to books

In your strategy session, you receive three hours of training on content creation, building an editorial calendar, and repurposing content.

The Intensives are up to four hours long, are 1:1, and go deep into specific topics around writing content and using content in your book project. You may need help around book topics, audience, and outlining your book. If you proceed into a 1:1 coaching program, your first session is an intensive to set the course for your book writing.