Systems help your creativity

systemsWhen writing a constant stream of blog posts and other content gets you down, ask yourself if your systems are working. What, you don’t have a system? That could be the reason why the daily grind of writing is the problem. Why you lack topics to write about?

A system can be as easy as developing an editorial calendar. On it, you have weeks and months of topics on your calendar. Now, adding a systematic approach to writing may sound like a creativity squelcher, but in fact, it does just the opposite.

Systems support your writing efforts because they take the guess work out of what to write each day and week, and that make the writing process easier. When the mechanics of writing are taken care of, your creativity soars.

Next, establish accountability. Engage a colleague to be a writing partner and plan your writing so that you’re at least a few weeks ahead. This eliminates the dread you feel when you’re not getting your content done in a reliable manner. Plus it’s fun to see your colleague advance her writing and she of yours.

Establish a day and time when writing is the only activity you’re doing. Creating a writing habit also lessens your stress because you know that 30 minutes or an hour per week is devoted to your messaging.

If you’re a weekly blogger, next week why don’t you writing an article for LinkedIn? Or a post for someone else’s blog.

What systems do you use to get your writing done, and how do you keep your writing practice fresh and interesting?