Why writing your book is more important than breathing 2

Okay, maybe not breathing because I don’t know any authors who have done that successfully—holding their breath and being able to write.

But let’s take a moment to consider a few things about the importance of writing because if you are reading this post, Outdoor use of laptopyou hold writing in some regard.

As you should. For some people, playing basketball is important. For others, it’s cooking and inviting the neighborhood over for a feast.

For you? It’s writing and talking about writing, and hanging out with other writers. Writing your best, or even your sort of best, but getting the stories in your head down on paper, or in your computer.

Your biggest obstruction may be how the people you love feel about your “hobby.” Because the word hobby comes to their mind as you sneak off to a comfy corner of the house to jot down a few phrases, or as you talk about a character in your would-be novel who generates such interest that you cannot stop thinking about her.

And the fact that you do not yet have the novel completed, and absolutely no guarantee that it will be a bestseller, should you find a publisher, in any sense of the word.

But it may, and you are willing, if not a bit hesitant, to find out. If you could only justify the effort it takes to write anything as you fight the demons in your head that tell you it’s all a waste of time. And the comments from those loved ones who continue to look at you with a bit of doubt on their faces when you answer “no” to the question, “Is your book done yet?”

If it’s any solace to you, I, too, am writing a book-length story. Hopefully, it will be a well-received book for young adults and I will have imparted some wisdom and humor to that age group.

My next attempt at a book will be something for business owners that helps them feel comfortable with writing because stories are one of the greatest ways to motivate people and in business, motivation is an important topic.

Fiction or nonfiction, play or poetry, get your writing done.

Let me know if you are struggling with the time and amount of energy it takes to write a book, and if you are not struggling, share with us how you are making time for what is typically a solitary activity: writing.

If you’re in northern Vermont, join me at a weekly writing salon I’m starting August 11th. Details are here. And whether you’re successfully getting your writing done or not, a weekly salon of support may be just what you need to further your craft.