Write a list article to get your content written with ease

Writing great content is hard. Or at least it’s often perceived to be. But I would bet you can write a simple list.

Writing a list article allows you to become familiar and comfortable with writing by making the writing process simple. It helps you demonstrate your expertise, but doesn’t tax you to the point that you don’t get the article written.

Here’s how to create one:


As the name suggests, you are making a list, and that list can be about any subject you want and contain a list of any items you want.

Go ahead and select a topic that you like to talk about with your clients and that you are considered an expert on. I suggest you select an issue that you have an answer for.

Brainstorm a list of services or techniques that “cure” the problem, and next to each one, include a short explanation about how that cure will work for the reader who uses it.

Now, add a paragraph above the list that introduces the reader to what they are about to read.

You can say something about how many requests you get for this information, or that this list is the most current list available, or that it includes lesser known, but valuable items that most people don’t know about, but should.

This shows that you are at the top of your class in terms of knowledge by providing the reader with exceptional information they won’t find just anywhere.

Below the list, include a paragraph wrap up about how the list is ever changing, but you will keep it up to date for your readers, or how your industry is changing and it’s reflected in the list of items.

If you are writing this article as a guest blog post for a colleague, you can include a boilerplate paragraph at the very bottom of the article that includes your elevator pitch and a link to your website.

This allows people to see who you are and to click through to your site.

Ta da! You just wrote a useful, but simple-to-write article.

What other ways can you modify or customize a list article?