Writing Prompt: Promises. Promises.

Promises to each otherWho hasn’t made or received promises? Promises made and kept. Promises made and broken. Promises ignored while others were cherished. Promises intact and others long forgotten. It’s easy to offer a promise, but often difficult to keep them.

The topic of promises is a big, big topic. You have tons of writing room to explore this concept. As with any and all writing prompts, write what comes to mind without editing it as you go along. Write a fictional piece that, perhaps, rights the wrong of a broken promise from real life, but is too tender still to write about with actual details.

Or take a memoir approach and think of ALL the promises you’ve ever made and what became of them. What became of the people you promised something to? How did you change in the process? Is the promise still intact?

If you are an entrepreneur, explore the idea of promises (to customers, to vendors, to yourself) and see where it takes you. You may be surprised that you have a lot to say about this.

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Here’s to happy and terrific writing!