Writing Prompts are So Useful!

Why I love writing prompts

Hwriting promptsey, there, I know that writing can be an onerous activity, which is why some smart person at some point in history, invented writing prompts. Prompts help stop writers block, and help you start down the writing path.

I’m sharing a bit of myself in video form. You get to see my office and me and I get to tell you a little about my philosophy around writing especially as it relates to solo entrepreneurs (I didn’t say it, but any business owner can benefit from a steady writing practice, and prompts can help you do that).

If you would like to receive writing prompts regularly along with other useful material that helps you write better, more often, you are welcome to join me here. I don’t spam, hate the stuff, and only send what I think is good content for you to use.

So, enjoy today’s prompt, tell me what you liked about it, and have a great writing day!